avatarLucifer 😈

Helltaker by vanripper was my gateway anime. I was into anime way before when I was still a boy, but this absolute-masterpiece-of-an-indie-game was my renaissance. In the final year of university, during one of the tough times when I struggled finding commitment and courage within me on what I wanted to do when so many things changed in my life too quick for me to catch up – those sharply dressed demon girls and the man who wants to have them in his harem by going to hell was what saved me and let me take my mind off to something exciting and new.

How could I not be grateful? Helltaker has a very special place in my heart. I’ve got this Lucifer figure, I have two figures for Justice (one is an acrylic stand and the other is the new neondroid [pictures are yet to come]), imported and shipped from Japan Helltaker artbooks and doujinshi. You can even find in my Wrapped 2021 that Vitality by Mittsies ranked at the very top of my all-time listens and still lingers there even two years later.