avatarMy Spotify Wrapped for 2021 🎧

4; 12022 H.E.

Good morning! It’s been a while since I posted anything in the random section. I talked briefly in the past about my music tastes and what kind of music I listen to. I must confess, 12021 has been quite rough in some spots, which affected my taste and playlists in somewhat of a major way. What’s the better way to recap it than using the new handy-dandy Spotify wrapped that sums up everything you did on the platform for the entire year. Let’s jump in!

Let’s start with some bare stats. According to the wrap, in total, I spent 11,183 minutes (≈186 hours) listening, which is more than 60% of other listeners in United States. Pretty cool stat, I feel this is the right number. I also spent an absurd amount of time looping songs on youtube, but that’s not tracked.

Going next to my top song! It’s NIGHT RUNNING by Shin Sakiura and AAAMYYY. They say it looped 79 times, which seems to be a rather low number, but that’s okay. It has a kick. I watched BNA with my sister and absolutely loved it. So the ending song became my go-to programming jam. I’ll have spotify embeds sprinkled around this page.

Besides the very top one, what other songs have I had on repeat that crawled themselves to my top songs list?

Coming in second, Vitality by Mittsies. Loved Helltaker and the main soundtrack would just blast in my apartment for an entire week non-stop, even when I wasn’t home. There is just something about sharply-dressed demon girls and a top-down 2D puzzle game with amazing character design. The game is actually free! It was so good, I bought the pancake recipe to support vanripper for the game he made.

Moving in and out is always a bit of a stressful and lonely experience. I remember I had to move into a new apartment and I was just by myself after spending some quality time with my family. Loving Evangelion and everything associated with it, I would play Misato theme by Shiro Sagisu. It made me feel less lonely and more upbeat, instantly cozying up the atmosphere. I was at home.

Well, what can I say about playing Fly Me To the Moon, the Evangelion version? I actually prefer it to Frank Sinatra’s version, simply because, like man, anime music just hits different. This one has such a calming and a warm hug kind of a feeling. It’s something that’s just history now.

Last but not least. What A Life by Scarlet Pleasure. If you haven’t seen Another Round with Mads Mikkelsen, well, highly highly recommend it. I’ve always had a beef with American movies in how over-the-top they go or simply tend to trivialize many topics. Comedies feel tragic and tragedies feel comedic. It shouldn’t feel like that. Largely, European cinematography has more subtlety to their soul and it feels. Carefully treading the themes of alcoholism and being alive. The song is an absolute banger and I rarely say that about anything.

Other honorable mentions that go right after the top 5 are: Sorairo Days by Shoko Nagawa (Gurren Lagann), Komm, süsser Tod (Evangelion), ambiguous (Kill la Kill), Ready To (BNA), Fly Away by TeddyLoid (Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt), and more! You can see the whole top playlist below

Let’s do a vibe check on my music taste. What kind of an aura do I have? It’s dramatic and considerate. Well said, I like the colors

My Audio Aura
My Audio Aura

What about genres? The stats say I listened to 32 different genres this year and my top genres are


In addition, I listened to 404 (insert a NOT FOUND jape here) different artists. Due to my sheer obsession with Neon Genesis Evangelion, my top artist was Shiro Sagisu. I’m in his top 3% of listeners this year ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Finally, here is a quick breakdown of my spotify wrapped

Wrapped Overview
Wrapped Overview

Thanks for reading! See you next time ◼︎