avatarMy Spotify Wrapped for 2023 🗼

336; 12023 H.E.

Hello there! Again and again. I’m happy you’re here with me on the third year of sharing my embarassing taste in music. I am not like the other girls.

We’ll start with the general stats. I must say, I have been on a steady rise in terms of my minutes. In 2021, I listened to 11,183 minutes (≈186 hours); in 2022, I listened to 22,121 minutes (≈369 hours, nice). Apparently, this year I listened to a whopping 31,645 minutes worth of spotify music this year. That adds up to strong 527 hours. 🦫.

And well of course, repeating the tradition of 2021, Vitality made it to my top chart, yet again. Something about helltaker... The rest of my top five songs describe me pretty well. When I’m at work, I would queue one of them on repeat from morning till evening, just on loop and non-stop. Psycho behavior. I know. They are so good, though.

I must say—I’m proud this year as I have finally made it into the 1%. Only in the context of spotify wrapped, though. And this was the most surprising revelation to me—I somehow made it into Pillows’ top percent of listeners. But they are such an iconic group, there totally have to be a lot more Pillows heads out there than me. But oh well—it is backed up math, so I’ll trust it. This year, they also showed the top town and place in the world that resembles your taste—unsurprisingly enough, Tokyo.

Or maybe the top artists breakdown by months? January was a good month, though I could not tell you what I was up to then...

Let’s finish it up with some honorable mentions, which is summarizing my type—of who I am; that’s pretty straightforward. I’m a big binge listener on repeat that is somehow always focused around anime-adjacent song genres. Welp, that’s enough of me!
See you later 🫦 (non-seducing) ◼︎