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338; 12022 H.E.

Well, well, well, here we are again! Almost a year later. World goes round, chaos happens, but we all patiently await for when Spotify drops new Wrapped. To get sentimental just for one fleeting moment – this was a tough year with its many downs and thankfully, many more ups. Let us see what music got us through those trying times!

First and foremost, I found out that my top genres this year were: Anime, Japanese VGM (ahh, Persona!), Otacore, J-Rock, and J-Pop. Logically, my number one song and artist that I listened the living vibes out of were of course Beneath the Mask and Lyn, respectively.

This paints a very particular picture about a person. All I do >95% of the time is listen to my custom playlist, amelia.

On a similar note, if we collect it a bit more, my top songs also include: One Last Kiss (I absolutely love Eva 3+1), Deal with the devil (well, what can I say – I am a gambling man), D City Rock (PSG would never let you down), and finally, Beautiful Day (a great callback).

On the artists side of things, it looks a bit funny, but the first two are all Persona 5, followed by Eir Aoi (who dominates SAO openings), then the brilliant DECO*27 (who for me, reinvented Hatsune Miku with the best cup noodles commercial), finally, closing in with TeddyLoid (everything PSG, Pipo Password, and other classics).

All of this amounted to whopping 22,121 minutes of active minutes listened! This is just shy of 369 hours (nice) and a bit more than 15 days. I like the fact that I spent around 4% of the year listening to Spotify (many more songs were on other platforms as well or other means).

Last but not least, I like that Spotify creates a "personality" profile for you based on everything it has just shown you. If I look at what it gave me above, it looks like this person maybe likes anime. Unclear.

Withouth further adieu – those are pretty self-explanatory. Please find the top selection of this Wrapped below! Until next time. β—ΌοΈŽ