Sandy's Tutor Notes
Spring 2021

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Hello there! This is a webpage for some of my notes I took while tutoring in the Spring of 2021. This notes collection includes worked examples, problems, worksheet questions for Calculus II, Calculus III, and Physics I.

I took notes while tutoring for KU School of Engineering. The class codes I tutored are MATH 126, MATH 127, and PHSX 210. The study session started on the second week of classes, so if the semester's first day was February 1st, study sessions started on the week of February 8th.

For the sake of simplicity, we start counting weeks not from the first day of classes, but the first day of study sessions. So each week is followed by the date of the week's Monday.

I need to say that some notes may be a week behind the material in class. This is simply because students have a week after a new lecture to write up their homeworks, quizzes, and take-home assignments. Notes, of course, concentrate on tackling those problems. Try opening various notes if you're looking for specific material.

🂢 Calculus II

🂣 Calculus III

🂱 Physics I

If you are curious about the technical setup I had during the online study sessions, here is a description:

Tutees and I would join the assigned room on my self-hosted version of Galène. I would stream using OBS Studio. Notes were taken in Krita on Gaomon M10K 2018 graphic drawing tablet. PDF files were created from Krita's exported PNG files with ImageMagick.