avatarWrite a report? But I want to go to Taco Bell

This story was written as Individual Report IV for my Computer Science thesis.

Nothing felt the same as it used to. I looked around the room, everything seems to be in place, but... this feeling. This feeling of uneasiness and doubts is sinking deeper and deeper into me. Stuff like this always happens for the wrong reasons, at the wrong times. I think to myself, why do I allow it to get to me?

I need to go and get a breath of fresh air, see friends, and live a little bit. There I go again, living. Am I not living right now? No matter, the more I go into it in this state of mind, the more I will get lost in this never ending stream of verbal bazaar. I haven’t been to Taco Bell in a while, I wonder what it’s like.

Weird, I don’t like Mexican food, it overwhelms my tastebuds and my digestive system is just not friends with it. But I’m craving for it big time. Last time I was there, life was different, people around me were different. Not in a good or a bad way. Just different.

I walk down the street. I should probably call someone over in that phone booth. Who should I call? I don’t know, all I do know is that I want to talk to someone. I walk into the booth, look right, and I freeze in terror. I see a dark figure approaching the booth. Not just walking in the same direction, but coming here.

The menacing figure grows larger, footsteps get louder, and finally, I hear it say "Yo Sandy, what are you doing here?". Ah, it’s my friend Rodrigo. "I’m alright, what are you doing here?", I asked. There was no reply. "Listen, Sandy, don’t forget to submit the individual report tonight", he told me after an awkward second pause, which he didn’t seem to mind.

"Ah yes, thank you, I’ll do that!", I replied hastily, not knowing where it came from or where it’s gonna go. "Good, chao" is what I heard from Rodrigo as he quickly parted our impromptu rendezvous spot. My mind started writing the individual report, what did I do this week?

Well, I do keep everyone in the group on pace with our deadlines and sprints. Conducting code reviews is a big part of the job that I enjoy, so I reviewed the new features developed by the team this week and tested them out on different machines. Finally, I worked with Grant on forming our documentation foundation, where we would log tech details as a database.

"That should be enough", I said to myself quitely. Speaking of quiet, the phone hasn’t been so quiet for a hot second. It’s been ringing for a little while, I was deep in my thoughts. Shouldn’t I have callen someone? Why is someone calling this random booth? I pick up the phone.

"Don’t imply your plan for next week..", the phone uttered and hung up immediately. Ah, I see. Next week I am planning to start designing the final consolidator for all of our armband/eyetracker features, and working with the team with accommodating all the functionality and libraries’ APIs.

I left the phone booth, the mission was complete now. My hunger hasn’t died down yet, why should it have? Now, where is that Taco Bell...