avatarDaemonize your go programs 👹

Daemonize your go programs by locking the process id file. Simply put the following at the top of your main,

func main() {
    defer pid.Start("monokuma").Stop()
    // your code...

This will create a monokuma.pid file in /tmp with the process id (pid) of the go program when loaded by your operating system. When your `main` exits, the file will be cleaned up.

This will prevent any other instances of your program running at the same time (say running a web server or overloading some resources). Say, when I run

λ monokuma

I can find the PID of it with (no line feed at the end),

λ cat /tmp/monokuma.pid

If I try to start the same program, I will be greeted by

λ ./monokuma
2023/05/17 23:03:03 your app with pid 91100 is already running


-> See more in pid github repository