avatarPhantasos - Goodbye, CS@KU 🥑

In my senior year of Computer Science bachelors, we undertook a year-long team project, which is called to be our capstone. I worked in a fantastic team with Grant Holmes, Malena Schoeni, Carter Hurrod, and Rodrigo Figueroa! My role in the group was more of a manager, such as keeping up with our deliverables, communication, conflict resolution, and project management. Supa thankful for such a great team and what we were able to do.

Our team/project is called Phantasos, after a Roman God of Sleep. The goal was to develop a system that expands the user’s interactive capability of interfacing with a computer using multiple sensors. Keyboards? Mice? This is old tech from the 60s. There is lots of friction between computers and users; let us explore new ways that we can interact with them. In many ways, this idea has been significantly inspired by Sword Art Online.

Please see the final demo video below.