avatarReddit API wrapper for gophers 🎩

I like Go and I think it’s a great language. I built memeinvestor_bot, which was one of the interactive reddit bots on the platform at the time. So you can imagine we used quite a bit of praw. About year and a half later, the python codebase became so disgusting and unmaintainable, where I decided to re-write the whole thing in Go. (The old "let’s rewrite everything" syndrome") Re-write would be too strong, re-build from scratch is what the goal was.

Surely, after a couple of seconds of DuckDuckGoing, I stumbled upon graw, one of the most popular Go Reddit Api Wrappers. I remember that I was just learning Go at a time and really just wanted to do something with it. Graw’s deal with announcer and other stuff confused me a bit. So I did what every software engineer does when it itches the wrong way. Make a new library!

I present to you, mira! It’s a really playful and straight-forward library. Mira aggressively uses the dot-notation (gorm style) and has the simplicity of praw. Golang’s great features as goroutines are used to implement the streaming functionality.

-> Go to the mira article

-> Go to mira’s repository