avatarBuild a cheap self-driving car 🚗

In the Fall of 2020 I was enrolled in EECS 388: Embedded Systems. It’s an introduction course into lower level things, such as RISC-V, Computer Architecture, CPU scheduling, and other fun stuff. The course itself was accompanied by a lab section, where we wrote some C+Assembly to control UART signals, some lights, etc.

The final project for the class was us building a self-driving car that uses a pre-trained neural network for recognizing tracks on the ground that it reads from its camera. The car itself uses Raspberry Pi as a main board computer, HiFive micro-controller for the wheels connected via UART to the Pi.

We built up extensions to the final project, I worked with KayLee Mitchell on building a car that can be controlled from any browser-capable device via a webpage and some quick interfaces hooked up onto our little car. It was a fun farewell to this course. The link below has a webpage written by me by the request of our Instructor to document some selected final projects.

The dream team (we basically did this whole thing in a day)
The dream team (we basically did this whole thing in a day)

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(above is the backup, original was once available here)