avatarA crusader builds your website 🗡

I built my own static website generator to use for sandyuraz.com. For years, I have tried building my website with Hugo, Asicidoctor, and finally this. However, it was never really what I was precisely looking for. One of the is too complex, other could be too restrictive, the last was simply cursed. I set out on making my own within a span of a couple of days during my last Spring Break of senior year in college. What a beaut she was, my friend.

It is my honor and pleasure to introduce you to Darkness! The noblest, static website generator. The website you are on right now is built by her, with all the images, styling, embeds, and more! The big advantage of Darkness is that she is general enough (with a config file), so she can build any website for what your heart desires.

I have a separate introduction article written on Darkness, which can be found below, alongside with her github link. Thank you!

-> I love Darkness 🥬

-> Darkness on github 🐙