avatarWrite a compiler in C++ from nil 🍺

C-rona is a general-purpose, procedural, imperative, and statically-typed programming language written in C++. Our final project contains a fully working compiler for x86_64 machines, which itself was a semester long project for EECS 665: Compiler Construction, where we learned the art of building compilers from scratch and this is the result.

EECS 665: Compiler Construction was taught by the fantastic Drew Davidson, who made probably one of the classicaly toughest courses in undergraduate career into one of the most enjoyable classes I have ever taken in my Computer Science undergrad. I must boast a little bit here and confess that this might objectively be the best engineering course at my university and probably the best compilers course work globally.

I worked on the project with Zachary Atkins and without him I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere. We were great partners throughout the whole semester.

-> Go to the compiler’s source code