avatarHoushou Marine 🏴‍☠️

I never got into vtubers – never became my vibe or something I crave for. Not to say that I am not addicted to watching streams and keeping myself from becoming a parasocial andy. However, I have some emotional feelings toward Houshou Marine. It might have been all the Twitter artists that have treasure troves worth of Senchou’s paintings, quick witted jokes, banger songs, or the great model/outfit she has.

Oooh! This Hoshou Marine figure might be the best one I own from POP UP PARADE. The clothing, sculpting, and how free she motion feels on her – all top notch. Often, figures suffer from unrealistic body proportions (which are still lovely to look at). However, having one resembling a regular human’s body (especially with its sweet imperfections) reveals a person’s vulnerability or character, which makes it so endearing.