avatarRem sitting 🪑

There can never be too many Rem.

I’ve been scrolling through a couple of pictures of Rem from the anime. There is a distinct feeling of "being home" when I see her. Heartwarmingly welcoming. It’s hard to put it into words exactly. Still, I can see why it is almost impossible to recover financially if you take a liking to her.

It may be because of the time that I watched Re:Zero. I would call it the best time of my life – I remember it so fondly. It was the winter break of my senior year. It lasted for around a month, my roommate went to see his relatives, and everyone else did somewhat similar. It was just me in my apartment for the whole month.

I don’t remember leaving the place throughout the break. I must have had a mountain of ramen stashed up in my kitchen closet, so much that it might have rivaled some nations’ strategic reserves. Like a goblin or a hobbit stuck in a cave. Ah, what a time. I miss it sometimes.

I ate ramen, went to bed at like 4 am every night (or morning?), woke up in the early afternoon, did some chores, and watched anime. One of those shows was Re:Zero. A funny little note, I watched the first one or two episodes with my roommate, who didn’t like it and dropped it. I decided to stick with it and look where we ended up. In the best timeline.