avatarJoker Neondroid ☕️

My last year at college was the most grueling part of my life. Taking 21 credit hours, three majors, two jobs, not going to Ph.D. or graduate school in favor of going into corporate – it all weighs in on you. No one tells you this. One of the things that gave me immense comfort and an out was Joseph Anderson’s Persona 5 streams. I would watch them while falling asleep, working my jobs, and doing regular homework. A calming voice that was always there. It gave me peace. Very parasocial. Thank you.

Despite me actively watching over 200 hours worth of Persona 5 content – I have never played the actual game. Thinking of it, I probably never will. The soundtrack, choices made within the game (by Joe), the flow of everything – I want it all to belong to that time, untainted.

Funnily enough, I also watched the entirety of Persona 4 streams by Joseph Anderson after graduation (the two months I couldn’t move a muscle out of exhaustion). Still, I would like to play the game for myself one day. Something about it lures me more than its successor. I don’t know – we will have to see. But as always,

Every day’s great at your Junes!