avatarThe Last Seduction

Quintessential erotic neo-noir of the 90s. Harrowing and can’t-look-away-op-let-me-rewind-that-scene-once-again-to-see-her performance by Linda Fiorentino.

I think I’ve only seen her in men in black before this—shame to have her disappear without much trace left of what more could have been possible.

Stunning. Seductive. Dangerous. What a character. One of the few depictions of femme fatales that got me crawling under my skin; at the same time, like a good Beston boy—root for her in a way that if she told you to jump off a cliff—you would.

Since this is the erotic 90s, which they don’t make anything like it anymore—I wondered to myself, what if bad-to-the-bone Bridget had an equally cunning, chilling and “anybody check you for a heartbeat lately?” counterpart played by James Spader? woah.

Severely underrated and Linda Fiorentino’s role is something I cannot forget. The woman with the sex appeal, charm, and charisma—men wouldn’t even realize the illegal things they’ve already committed to keep her in their lives.