avatarShin Godzilla

I adore the fact that the biggest and baddest monster in this entire movie isn’t laser-beam-shooting-instantly-healing-born-from-radiation-made-out-of-pure-fear Godzilla, but the bureaucracy of the modern world; how would the government realistically respond to something as Earth-shattering and “not in the book” calamity like a sea monster that levels cities with a swing of the arm or all-piercing beams?

We know how. Moving from one conference room to another, trying to find “experts” for their “professional” and “timely” opinion, most of all, of course—trying to see who’s responsibility within the governmental apparatus it is to deal with this mess (of course, it’s everyone’s, but no one will say it). The endless title screens of introducing us to all different bureaucrats and officials with their full name, title, and division adds a whole level of appreciation for the commitment of Hideaki Anno’s vision for the film.

Thoroughly enjoyed and the official responses, how everyone was shuffling meetings—it did put a tear in my eye, as it reminds me of all the great things we do in the corporate world. Made with care, love, and most strict discipline.