avatarScott Pilgrim vs. the World


I couldn’t believe my ears when one of my closest friends told me he has never seen Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Just, Scott Pilgrim anything. Blew. My. Mind. Isn’t that like borderline illegal, especially if you are a millennial or an older Gen Z? I knew that I had to fix him.

We drove to the closest Barnes & Noble. I found a $4 DVD box for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World; on our drive back home, I was so excited to start the educational session on the anatomy of a good movie. Punch the disc into my bluray player, turn off the lights, turn on the project, and build that “Somehow, heartbreak feels good in a place like this” atmosphere that Nicole Kidman can’t stop talking about every time you step foot in an ACM theater.

About two hours later—we were weeping. What a class act masterpiece. Ramona..... if you can’t find yourself someone like Ramon—why even try? The DVD I got also had a bunch of deleted footage, bloopers, and cast/director commentaries over the film reel. I NEVER knew that the original ending (called “alternate” in the DVD) was that Ramon leaves and Scott gets back together with Knives when she turns 18 in the final fight against Gideon. It felt so... wrong. More emotionally mature and overall adult? sure. But NOT IN MY UNITED STATES OF WHATEVER.

What a charm. From the deleted scenes, I learned that Ramona apparently smokes. She is so cool. Like, fr fr, all we would chant together through the film was “she is so cool.” But you know who is as cool? Wallace Wells. Now that. The peak man, right here. I was flabbergasted when I learned that Kieren Culkin wasn’t actually gay. Now that was one kind of a whiplash. Lucas Lee is Chris Evans’ finest role. “I wanna have his adopted babies.” Touché Wallace, touché. I’d also watch all of Lucas Lee’s movies, like Let’s Hope there is a Heaven or Thrilled to be Here.

The bloopers, documentaries, and commentaries I watched all indicate very strongly of how much respect and love all the actors, the cast, and the staff have for Edgar Wright (not unexpected). It’s rare to find a movie that is enjoyed as much by the actors as does the audience. Crazy that they are apparently on the same email chain since 2009 and all have responded within three hours when asked to reprise their role in the anime adaptation.

I wanted to give it 9/10 only because I think the recent anime, Scott Pilgrim Takes Off is EVEN better than the movie in some aspects (more Ramona and development, better suited medium)—it just DOES NOT feel right. Ramona is so cool. Wallace is so cool. Lucas Lee is so cool. Perfect film. 10/10. They really don’t make 'em like they used to.