avatarPast Lives

A certified A24 classic. Honestly, I don’t even have that much to say. Everyone in the movie is genuinely likable—will say that I did not expect the husband to be so tight, so that’s one way to subvert expectations.

Loved seeing Greta Lee; she was great. I missed her ever since I finished the third season of The Morning Show. Everything that happened was simply real, unfiltered in a sincere, human(e) kind of way, which I enjoyed very much.

I’m happy that it stuck the landing so well and in my mind, the ending is exactly what it should have been. And it’s also so easy to watch and go through—it might go on my rewatch list for some time in the future. Awh, what a great way to end the night.

Also, starting your book’s title with BONER is quite a move, Arthur.