avatarParty Girl

Good vibe and ambience of the rowdy 90s—unfortunately, didn’t strike a cord with me on the Criterion’s restoration.

I’m sure I’ve been dating a girl just like Mary in college, so it could be that for me, this was a 90s-styled recollection of my time at university.

We were all (hopefully) party girls and boys at one point in our lives. Without that part of our identity, becoming a librarian or moving on wouldn’t be as fulfilling. woohoo.

The strongest part of the film for me is of course Mary’s wardrobe. Please bring the fashion style of that time and hers specifically. I want to give it a higher score than 5/10, just for her garderobe, but this feels right to me.

I do like how they portrayed many underrepresented communities and types of people you meet, as-is. To my point above—this is what my university was like. So it’s not necessarily "diverse," but real.

Yes, I’ve read WSJ’s piece on it. To make something like this on a shoestring budget of $150k in 1995?! I could get into it as a cult film in the future if I decide to rewatch!