avatarIn the Mood for Love

Now this is Cinema.

Maman asked me to see it—feelings that are truly, one of a kind. Specially woke up around 6am to see it in the quiet darkness by myself before the day kicks in. Today was a good day.

There isn’t much I can say—what are my words even worth when trying to describe this masterpiece with so-called “words.” Sometimes, even a trained skill of articulation would fail you if it were never meant to be the right tool to communicate non-verbal nuances like Wong Kar-wai does in his picture. Love. Lust. Desire.

I have a massive weak spot for the Hong Kong and Kowloon-esque style of everything from the 1960s. “Kowloon Generic Romance” is a manga series that capitalizes on this as well. Let me tell you, Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung look stunningly gorgeous. You hear me. Stunningly. Gorgeous. My vocabulary had a short circuit throughout the film and the only coherent thought I could murmur out, “stunningly... gorgeous...”

I’m thoroughly convinced that they do not make people like this. It is something truly beyond. You know cinema when you see it, as they say.