avatarFireball: Visitors from Darker Worlds

A Werner Herzog Documentary. That’s kind of it. It evokes a similar feeling when someone hears, “A Hideo Kojima Game.” You know what you sign up for and if it’s your style—you’ll enjoy it. I have.

I may not be the biggest fan of Werner Herzog, but I respect Werner Herzog immensely. Getting bits of his recent memoir through New York Review of Book, the title of which is absolutely brutal, “Every Man for Himself and God Against All,” I believe he is not only one of the most unique directors of all time, but a man who’s name will outlive his own works.

If you enjoy slower documentaries with Werner Herzog’s peculiar Bavarian accent describing a place in Mexico as, “so godforsaken it makes you want to cry;” panning over some dogs and saying, “the dogs here, like all dogs on this planet, are just too dimwitted to understand that three quarters of all species were extinguished by the event that took place right here”—this is for you.