avatarSandy’s Dossier 🖋

Call me Sandy. Some moons ago - no clue how or when exactly - having no last-minute assignments left to do, and projects, in particular, to obsess with, I thought I would make a simple website and explore the world of writing. It is a way I use to interact with the world and express myself. Whenever I find myself needing to share something; whenever it is good a time, revolutionary March in my soul; whenever I find myself trying out new tech; and especially whenever my curiosity overshadows the other me, that it requires an Aristotelian virtue to prevent me from sinking all my time, and methodically ignoring every other commitment in life - then, I consider it to be the moment of truth.

You can’t get very far in this world without your dossier being there first. – Arthur Miller

I studied Literature with concentration in 19th century literature. Dostoyevsky is my favorite author. There is also a weak spot in me for science fiction, especially anything that Isaac Asimov wrote. Love anime. Also graduated with degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics. Also, thoughts ≠ employer.

(´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

I don’t actively use social media, most if not everything I write and talk about online is collected here. Links below are the only public services I have