avatarThe Gods Themselves ☄️

I love science fiction. Unfortunately, many of contemporary sci-fi works focus too heavily on some other-worldly tech, massive star energy collectors, colossal ships, etc. The science fiction that I grew up with, as in the works of Isaac Asimov, Alexander Belyaev, Stanislaw Lem, etc., which all primarily focused on people and treated science as a sociological catalyst.

Who could top any pre-defined expectations and status quo but Asimov himself? All with alien sex and the premise, which is almost impossible to wrap your head around. Imagining a whole new universe, where the fundamental laws of physics are so different from ours that the troubles of animating something like this warranted a whole separate story, Gold: The Final Science Fiction Collection.

As a few fellow reviewers/commenters noted here—it’s not necessarily a work that I would come back to reading, but the one I deeply respect. ◼︎