avatarCandide 🐑

I always like to say that Candide was centuries ahead of his time and this fact hasn’t changed even today. We aren’t ready yet, for the wit and sharpness of mind, to which Voltaire presents the absurdity of human condition. It is in fact, so tragic and irredeemably non-sensical that we can’t do anything in our right minds but to laugh and see it all as a comedy. Truly, "God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh"

Was Candide a fool and disconnected from reality with his optimism? Or was it his strategic optimism that allowed him to persevere through all the rotten fruits handed to him? Maybe he was just human, a pure example of what it means to experience the quintessential human condition.

I don’t know. Only if good Pangloss were here.... he would definitely know and tell you. ◼︎