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I wanted to try something new, copy-pasted something I wrote in a discord chat. I don’t feel like spending more time on this but still want to push it raw. Forgive me.

It’s so easy being cynical and jaded in life. For some reason people value it as “wisdom” or “lived experience”. I want to be a fool and live, or at least try to stay myself. But many would call that “naive” and “the inexperience of the youth.” More or less i would summarize it as people having this in my mind wrong notion. That there is a single “good” way to live or that there is one “great wisdom.”x

I can say in all pathos and good voice something like, “reach for the infinite, for the god-like, don’t bother with day-to-day—it’s all fleeting and temporary—spend your time and life going after the high values, morals, because that is eternal.”

In the same breadth, “don’t bother with whatever infinite means or eternal, we don’t know what it is and probably never will—we should live day-to-day—experience what’s given to us, care for our loved ones, experience life and emotions as messy as they get—because that’s all we have in this life.”

i can even say, “why bother choosing one or the other? the answer is not there, the true wisdom is finding the eternal, the beauty of the infinity in your day-to-day—find something to strive for, your true self, the high values in everyday things—it’s not about one or the other, it’s about finding one in another.”

You can see how they all sound wise and stuff, right? But are completely orthogonal to each other. I can keep going and making up many different mutually-exclusive variations, which all sound “wise” and “true.”. There is no “wisdom” or “total truth” or “real life.” Everything is whatever you make it to be and deceive yourself enough to believe in.

“Why care about the contrast of infinite and day-to-day? the best life comes from not thinking, but rather feeling and following the subtle tunes of your soul, of who you are—all this academic knowledge taints us and steers us in some pre-conceived notions of one or the other—live your life as a fool, experience it anew, sail on a gran adventure of carving out your own path in life—your very own modus operandi.”

I’ll stop with examples here lol, we can go on for a very long time.

My friend read this article, thinking that multiple people were conversing, so I was asked to add some delimiters or flags of who said what. Well, I can’t do that. All of the above was just me. Related,

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