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93; 12022 H.E.

An alternative title I had for this essay was Embracing Yourself, embracing your interests, and staying true to yourself. I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s walk through some of my thought processes more coherently.

We’re all just people that do our own thing and have our hobbies, no matter how niche they are. I observe many people would shy away from something they might like simply because they fear the ones around them might not understand their interests. However, this line of thought might severely limit you from pursuing the path that is meant for you. There is nothing as evil and twisted as losing the grasp of who you are.

Of course, we are talking about interests that are both legal and within the realm of common sense. Some of the people I talked to would immediately jump to extreme cases (most of the time illegal) to counter my arguments. Just how sad is that? You are not able to thread the subtle thought process and are only good for boring swings to the left or right. This is not a good argument or even an ounce of thinking. It is simply a cheap ha, gotcha trick. Now we have that cleared up, let’s continue.

Many fear introducing their hobbies to someone if asked, therefore creating this weird atmosphere with a healthy dose of awkwardness. An interesting observation can be made that a situation is as awkward as you make it. If you own up to who you are, to what you are into, speak with passion and confidence, your interlocutor will get the vibe you exude and on their part, understand exactly what you are saying.

What if you are being judged for your interests? Well, too bad for that person. Not only because they lose the pleasure of getting to know you better, but also how closed-minded they should be, instead of recognizing and appreciating all the beauty and wonders of every day, they decide to miss it and spend it on something less noble. I can only imagine how fun it must to be go around judging and enjoy eating mud. That is their freedom as well. Let them be.

Life is yet again, too short to be too complacent with your surroundings’ expectations and burdening the heavyweight of one’s prejudice upon yourself. Learn more about who you are; even dare to befriend yourself. Only you know what is best for you. I would not want to die with regrets of moments missed and time passed. Make the bold decision to live. ◼︎