avatarThe evolution of thecsw 🧋

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Many have asked me about my tag thecsw that I have used for the past ten-ish years. I thought it would be nice to write up a quick summary of how it came to be, as it had many iterations and some arbitrary changes made to it.

First of all, it does not stand for The Computer Science Wizard, though it would be kinda cool if it did. Super corny and cheesy, just the way I like it. However, that’s something created after the fact.

I was in 7th grade, it was time to become a true gamer. What does a true gamer need? A nickname to go by. Especially in Minecraft multiplayer lobbies. My first one was MrSagindyk, which blows. Let’s think about this. What would be a good nickname? Ah yes,


It’s perfect. I like smoothies, using a y instead of ie makes it look gangster and very new-blood tech. I’m also cool 😎 But wait! Not only am I cool, but I’m also the coolest one. Therefore, the only appropriate nickname for me is

It’s perfect (x2). Time to set it everywhere, especially on my trusty Xbox 360 my parents got me for Christmas.

probably a couple of weeks later...

Dude, this blows. I forgot my password to my xbox account. It had my cool nickname, TheCoolSmoothy. I still want to use it but can’t restore my password. No worries, I’ll just create a new account with the same username. Oh wait, I can’t. All right, modify it a little bit but still make it look somehow cool, maybe mysterious...


I’m a genius. That W really brings it together. Doesn’t mean anything. At least I have a new xbox account now. Speaking of new accounts, I saw a cool poop emoji-shaped pillow on eBay; I kinda want it. Gotta make an ebay account with my username. Holdup, does it have a character limit? Hmmm


It’s perfect (x3). I’ve been going by tcsw for many months after that. I think that was around the time I watched The Social Network by Aaron Sorkin. Remember that scene with Sean Parker, where he tells Mark to drop the “the”?

Drop the ``The'', just ``Facebook''. It's cleaner
Drop the “The”, just “Facebook”. It’s cleaner

Well, I decided to do the exact opposite. Bring the “the” back, whole thecsw. It’s crispier. And there we have it,

It’s perfect (x4). This tag I made up when I was 13 has stuck with me ever since. I have some pretty rivals that are too similar to my tag, such as: Commission on the Status of Women, The CW Network, and ChristianSingleWoman (actually squatted @thecsw on Twitter).

Here is to thecsw propelling forward and drilling through the Heavens! ◼︎