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Yoinked and twisted directly from a wall of text I sent to my friends in our discord server. Totally unsolicited and no one asked for it. My take on Rebecca and Lucy from Cyberpunk: Edgerunners.

I’ve been thinking of what I mentioned about Lucy. I realized why I probably wouldn’t want to be with someone like her.

But yeah. I dated girls like Lucy and in emotional connections/relationships as well. The biggest drawback is that they are very hard to read, and the most challenging part is that they usually never voice out their feelings or how they see the relationship going. So many little things that get under your/their skin build up over time.

You might be doing something purely out of your heart. But it might be driving your partner crazy and making them build those annoyances up. However, the most tragic thing in all of this is that you don’t know that. And whenever they do bring it up in the relationship, things have deteriorated far enough past the breaking point. So it’s not a preventative measure of understanding what ticks either person, but a significant full-blown incident or a scandal with thousands of layers of resentment.

Whenever a relationship gets to that breaking-point state, the chances of it staying healthy long-term are practically nil. Because it got to that stage, even if you talk it through (when it got too big). Little seeds of resentment and everything might still be left over. That will grow into a massive tree that might not be able to be cut down later down the road. Those relationships, proactive measures, and a habit of staying open in health and sickness don’t come after one big argument. Practicing daily takes years and maybe even a life’s worth of diligent and grueling work.

So before the people in the example learn how to keep it healthy and open, another significant conflict and negativity might have exploded. And this time, it blew up the connection and the relationship entirely. It’s usually because people aren’t used to discussing relationships to their core. This happens in any normal relationship whenever someone expresses their feelings to you (both good and bad; think of a “let’s sit down and talk”). “I felt hurt when you said/did X,” we’re used to it as a big red flag that things have gotten really bad and immediately tense up.

This can involve a lot of scar tissue from millions of other tiny things already being built up. So having that vulnerability and openness about expressing your feelings, “But don’t worry, it’s not a sign of anything bad; things are fine, but I want to share my feelings with you to prevent any resentment or annoyance from building up,” it takes a lot of work. Of course, it is a nuanced topic; you shouldn’t also express your every single little frustration in hopes of “I can fix him” or “I can fix her”. It’s more of a proactive work on constantly being able to come to a compromise about each other’s feelings.

This is all my and only my isolated perspective on Lucy, without a goal of Influencing anyone for or against Lucy.

But yeah, to close up and make a nice bow tie. Lucy is great, but I have been in relationships with many “archetypes” of her. The difficulty of reading a person, and even if I try to stay proactive in expressing feelings, but making it very clear that “it is not because things are bad or anything, completely the opposite, actually” can make people tense up or get them freaked out by it (completely understandable, though; we as a society aren’t taught or told that it’s okay to say how you feel no matter what the situation or state of affairs is).

I like Rebecca because she wears her feelings a bit more on her sleeve, and she can show you where she stands on topics/issues sooner rather than later (and she will let you know). Whereas Lucy-kind will tell you when it’s too late to fix anything (even if you tried your best). For example, when Rebecca’s brother was killed, Rebecca disappeared for several episodes. I remember that, and when she came back, she was back upbeat and to her “usual” self. It showed how deep it shook her, but she knew how to get out of the funk. While also giving herself enough time and space to grieve and live through emotions.

To me, that showed fantastic emotional balance and maturity of Rebecca. Things aren’t going to be easy with her for sure, though. However, she’s a force to be reckoned with in and out by staying in sync. Which Rebecca would welcome and work towards both of you to do. The chances of building a healthy long-term relationship with her are much higher. And she’s hella fun.

Rebecca truly loved David, yet instead of holding it in or having a sense of animosity. She had that big bestie vibe, even if she and David weren’t together. That doesn’t stop them from being edge runners together. Again, this shows loyalty and the excellent way Rebecca deals with emotions.

Lots to learn from her. That is why Rebecca is my religion.

my religion
my religion

So basically yeah, I say no to Lucy (sold out David in the beginning) and full Yes to Rebecca (never betrayed, OG member since the beginning) ◼︎