On OOP 🚬

oop is cool
its all about what tools best fit the job

oop has a need in this world
it’s the necessary evil

kinda like abstract algebra
many problems are naturally object oriented

I think there is a better paradigm
we just haven’t found it yet

hmmm maybe
i would like to find it
"the universal paradigm" wouldnt that be something...


the parallels between this and algebra are crazy lol


The vibes are so strong with this one

People who say oop are bad are cringe
Its overused, not bad

We more mean that it’s bad in how it’s used

OOP has a very strong core, but more recent developments and over-abstractions made it a big mess

So I do like OOP, things like Spring and insane factories that don’t even serve the purpose of scalability and modularity are too overused

JVM is a state-of-the-art machine though. However, times are much different from 1970s. Modern compilers can cross-compile to any architecture and ship them there

So by building native binaries and sending them to your fleet is much better than running JVM, which is very expensive

Saying Java is good because it runs on all machines with JVM is like saying that anal is good because all sexes have a pooping hole

C++ is history repeated as tragedy. Java is history repeated as farce. – Scott McKay

That was the most vibey oop critique I have ever read
I like it
Also this is funny out of context