avatarManaging ⏱ without grinding

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A tutee of mine asked me today, “Sandy, how do you manage time?”. “Just like in general?” I asked in return to clarify. I think it’s about assignments and juggling school time with life. “Yeah, like homework and stuff. I had to do my chemistry lab, but this was my first time submitting it late.” Ah, I see.

I am not a hardworking man. All the trends with following a billionaire’s routine, such as waking up at four in the morning, intensive treadmill or running for an hour, cold shower, black coffee, positive affirmations, writing down your goals for the day, etc. I loathe it. This is no life. With a schedule like that, you are turning yourself into a machine. How do you squeeze a soul in there? No, no. Life is to be lived.

Seize the moment! Do you want to watch a movie? Go watch a movie. Want to hang out with your friends? Go hang out with your friends. Want to enjoy an anime? Go and enjoy an anime. Want to take a nap or sleep? Hit the bed and enter the world of dreams. “But Sandy, we have to do stuff, like school and assignments!” Of course, we have to do them and we will!

I observe that the best way of doing so is being able to hype yourself up. You need to do a chemistry lab due Thursday night, assuming it takes 3 to 4 hours to complete, block off your Thursday evening, concentrate on it and do it. What if you finished earlier? Maybe I can get a head start on that thing I have to do... nope.

Our brains can’t switch from one intensive task to another in an instant. It needs time to adjust and prepare itself for whatever activity is coming up. Some would say, getting into the zone. Planning ahead of time allows you to set up the mood required for optimal task performance and enjoy what you are doing in the moment.

Us trying to put out all the fires all the time. Filling our availability with upcoming tasks (when it may not be their turn yet) hollows us out and leaves nothing but frustration of not getting a task done because of a tired brain and, therefore, poor execution. If all cylinders aren’t firing, you will grind and that is no fun. One thing at a time. Quality over quantity.

But what about that gap that we have if we finish something earlier? Well, my dear friend, hallelujah. This is your free time now, blocked off for something that has been done. Go and do something for yourself, rest up, relax. Do not worry about future tasks and things to do. Their time will come. Right now, just live. ◼︎