avatarAh, I graduated πŸŽ“

179; 12022 H.E.

Ah yes, I graduated! Now seems as good as ever – it has been a long time coming πŸš€ What a feeling this is πŸ’₯

The four years encapsulated the most foundational time and experience that guide me daily πŸ₯‚Thank you, The University of Kansas, for nurturing us in your nest, consisting of our peers, faculty, and friends πŸͺΊβ˜€οΈ

University of Kansas - School of Engineering, it’s been my honor and pleasure to serve as the master of ceremonies for the Engineering Recognition Ceremony 🏍

Fellow graduates and current students; We shall continue living, breathing, and most of all β€” having fun in the new exciting endeavors! 🍾πŸ₯‚

To play off the parting musings of my graduation farewell speech πŸ‘‡

β€” (β€’β—‘β€’) /

Never forget about the compassion of your friends and the support of your families that got you here. It is our turn to welcome the new generation and pass the torch of the youth. It is time for a new chapter β€” a new life.

Today marks the day we have to spread our wings β€” full of courage and hope β€” and march into the future that awaits.

Let me ask you, are you ready to live? β—ΌοΈŽ

Persona 5 style collage (I'm quite proud of it)
Persona 5 style collage (I’m quite proud of it)