avatarMy graduation speech 🕊

192; 12022 H.E.

Welcome faculty, students, and guests. Please be seated.

My name is Sandy Urazayev, and I am graduating today with my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Standing here, I realize what people meant my freshman year by “Jayhawks flying out of the Nest.” It all seemed so distant and abstract. Almost unthinkable.

And today, that is us. We are the Jayhawks, nurtured and cared for by our nest, consisting of our peers, professors, teaching assistants, tutors, friends, and family. Is it already time for us to go?

For the whole of last semester, I’ve been thinking to myself about how far we’ve come. Just this morning, I looked at the familiar faces around. I saw plenty of happiness, joy, and pride. Yet I also noticed subtle tones of fear and uncertainty. The uncertainty that I can relate so closely to. Of what is to come? What is life like after college? Because for so long university life feels as if it is everything we’ve known.

After a long time of thought, I found peace. I don’t know what exactly we will be doing 10 years or one year from now, not even what we will be doing tomorrow.

I do know one thing. No matter where we go or where life takes us, one thing is for sure. Us listening to our hearts, following our dreams, and staying true to ourselves, we will be living the lives we have yearned for so long. It is in itself already worth everything we have worked so hard toward.

I want all of you to believe and know that you deserve everything you aspire to be and wish to do. By wearing that cap and regalia, you have already shown the resolve and determination of your spirit.

Never forget about the compassion of your friends and the support of your families that got you here. It is our turn to welcome the new generation and pass the torch of the youth. It is time for a new chapter. A new life.

Today marks the day we have to spread our wings – full of courage and hope – and march into the future that awaits.

Let me ask you, are you ready to live?

Ceremony brochure and the podium
Ceremony brochure and the podium

Update: KU Engineering actually uploaded the entire gradution ceremony! My graduation speech starts at 12:00 (high noon, baby) ◼︎