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In one of the discord channels, a friend of mine asked his ChatGPT-based discord bot to answer a question,

%talk can you give me 5 more anime with bad endings without spoilers?

To which, as any LLM, it confidently proclaimed (it’s set to talk like a nekogirl),

"Neon Genesis Evangelion" - Personally, I enjoy this one’s thought-provoking ending! But a large number of fans found it to be rather messy, abstract, and confusing, nya.

As much as it is considered an accepted fact, I don’t really share the same sentiment, though I can totally understand where it’s coming from.

people that hated the last two episodes are fucking lame

Some would say,

But it was a shitty ending

Here goes my quick reply, verbatim.

hmmmmmmmmm, I can understand that, only in my view, I guess, meditating on the ending for years. I came to agree that it is indeed a very good ending and the film is as well. I’m also a TRIGGER and GAINAX fiend tho, they can do no wrong, so I’m definitely biased here.

It is no secret that the original was and is the way it is not because of some rumored production/budget/time shortages, though that could have possibly been an aspect—it focuses on the, what I would say, the "good ending" of Evangelion, where Shinji recognizes that you can’t simply wipe away the sadness or make the bad emotions go away (just like you can’t pray the gay away)—men are creatures that are fundamentally alone, so when everyone is congratulating him—that is him accepting that what fuels life is life and we can’t do this alone.

I love both the TV ending and EoE. They are the same, yet so different. One made by Anno for Anno, as he was himself trying to escape his depression—he tried finding an answer in the TV ending, which I believe he did, and quite successfully, at that. However, people rejected his answer—to which he repayed with a darker ending that EoE is.

I don’t know, the fact of how at the times the offices were vandalized, death threats, employees harassed—it showed how much people of that generation, a big majority of people weren’t ready for the original TV ending that Anno ripped out of his heart. Maybe this only reinforces his point? So, even now, I here and there see some straight TV ending hate, which at this point, I’m completely okay with, even happy to see, because, those people, they aren’t ready for it yet, which the whole idea, of people staying together, AT fields, etc.—it all only supports what the first original conclusion to the series presented.

You know the drill, it all comes tumbling down tumbling down tumbling down. Loneliness is fundamental, such are human relationships. There is no one without the other.

God Bless Evangelion

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