avatarGetting Sandy’s .emacs.d 🤺

212; 12020 H.E.

After years of carefully cultivating and taking care of my .emacs.d config files, I thought it may be time to try and share it, maybe someone will like it

I host my .emacs.d on github, however, it depends on some LSP quirks and go tools that I decided writing a quick shell script to do the work. You can visit the config’s webpage here.

All you have to run is the curl command below in your home directory (~)

existing installation will move to .bak append
curl -fsSL https://sandyuraz.com/sh/emacs.sh | sh

It will clone .emacs.d, symlink .emacs, and optionally install golang X tools (considering you have Go installed)

Read more on getting an emacs server running (better use emacs-lsp now) ◼︎